Gifting Goes Green. 5 Sustainable Christmas Gift Suggestions.

There are only 11 days left until Christmas and festive shopping fever is sweeping the country, people are rushing around buying presents for their nearest and dearest. I’ve already blogged about my ultimate Christmas wishlist if money was no object and so but now I’ve done a fair bit of research and put together a wishlist with a difference. Christmas has become a consumer frenzy over the years, £Billions are spent year on year with little thought into the life cycle of the gifts that we give. So I’ve tried to put together a ‘Greener’ wishlist in the hope of highlighting the range of present ideas that are both desirable and sustainable.

Just like every other man made industry the wonderful world of fashion isn’t completely environmentally sustainable or viable in its current form, but then again we all knew that didn’t we? However there are a wide range of fashion brands and companies big and small doing some amazing things to try and secure the future of the fashion industry with their actions today.

Here are a few ideas that have caught my eye;

1.] Eco Boutique.

Eco Boutique are a British brand that was established by  Lynsey Dickenson and Hayley Power in 2009 with the aim of creating a fashion line that’s styling was as strong as it’s ethical and environmental practises. Based in London the brand produces t shirts for men and women made from 100% organic cotton and eco friendly inks, the production process uses 90% less co2 than conventional t shirts. Simple yet stylish and printed in limited numbers they would make a great present, the t shirts are also printed in the UK which helps to support the British garment industry. What more could you ask for?

Take a look at a selection of the designs below. Prices start at £35

2.] Collective

Collective are also a British t shirt printing company offering ethically produced garments made from 100% organic cotton, the offer consumers the chance to support low carbon production methods. I’ve previously blogged about their collaboration with British photographer Nick Veasey featuring a capsule collection of t shirts featuring Veaseys’ infamous Xray prints. Graphic print tops have been huge in 2012 and they are set to stick around well into 2013 so they are definitely worth investing in!

Available online now at

3.] Levis 

You might be a little surprised to see Levi’s included on a sustainable wishlist, however If you take a look at the companies environmental work that’s where the real surprise is.  The company has invested huge amounts of time and money into refining it’s production processes to minimise the impact on the environment, their big focus is reducing the amount of water used in producing their world famous denim. This year they launched their WATER<LESS campaign aiming to highlight the importance of water as a global resource and the role it plays in the garment industry.  No mans wardrobe is complete without a trusty pair of jeans and with the amazing work Levi’s are doing there has been no better time to invest in their premium denim.

Shop the range now, with prices starting at £75

4.] Ethletics shoes.

Shoes. You can never have too many shoes. However shoes have one of the highest carbon footprints in the garment industry, no pun intended there. This Christmas why not avoid the big brands and instead put a pair of ethically produced shoes under the Christmas tree? Ethletics offer a range of trainers that combine style with sustainability, they are produced using organic cotton from India and fairtrade certified rubber from Sri Lanka. Ethletics offer a wide range of hi and low tops that will keep your bank balance and the environment happy. Offering a full range of shoes for men, women and kids you are spoilt for choice.

Visit their online store with prices starting at £40

5.] Pants to Poverty.

Socks and pants are stocking fillers that you can’t go wrong with, the underwear market has grown rapidly over the past few years and the range available is almost overwhelming. So let me make the decision a little easier for you. How many underwear brands produce their garments in carbon neutral factories using organic cotton to raise funds to combat poverty? Just one. Pants to poverty do exactly that, they produce premium quality mens and womens underwear that help support cotton farmers and factory workers across India. Aiming to fight poverty by increasing living standards, wages and local industries in a clear and transparent way. Comfortable and eye catching designs that are ethically produced and competitively priced make these pants a no brainer!

View the full range online now for some great ethical stocking fillers.

So there you have 5 suggestions of how to find Christmas presents that won’t cost the earth in more ways than one! What do you think of eco friendly gifts? Will you be buying green this holiday season? Let me know what you think 🙂

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