Outfit Post : Romping Around Lisbon

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I’ve recently got back from a much needed break in Lisbon and I’m now struggling with severe post holiday blues, the city exceeded all my expectations. Without a doubt it is one of the most interesting European cities I’ve visited, it has a fascinating history and aesthetically the city is stunning. Within a few hours I had started to become fixated on the amount of urban decay that litters the city, beautiful old buildings left to the elements with some amazing results. Being one of the few European cities to escape modern aerial warfare Lisbon’s streets are hundreds of years old, but there are parts of the city that have been neglected for decades. Being a big fan of urban decay and graffiti this was perfect for me, me and my brother ended up exploring the abandoned waterfront at Cacilhas – and naturally had to get an outfit post out of it.

We walked for over an hour through the abandoned buildings, it was amazing to be able to wander through such a complex labyrinth of former warehouses and workshops. Naturally this area has become a hotpot for graffiti artists, some of the work was over 10 years old. There was a strong anarchic and anti establishment message, most of the work was beautifully abstract and almost impossible to ascertain their actual message. It was quite poignant to be able to look across the channel and see the sprawling metropolis of Lisbon from the ruins, an amazing link to the past. As for the outfit I spent most of my time in Lisbon in my romper, without a doubt the most comfortable piece of clothing I own. It was a Zara boiler suit that I went to town on with a pair of scissors and I’ve been living in it ever since. For shoes I went for my trust Nike Mayfly woven trainers, they are so lightweight and perfect for days with lots of walking. Probably not the uniform for an urban explorer, but it worked for me! Menswear mensfashion outfit post ootd wiwt style fashion menswear blogger lisbon tourist

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